Floatation Wheel - 400x60x15.5

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400/60 - 15.5 Flotation Wheel & Tyre Assembly, 16 Ply.

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400/60 - 15.5 Flotation Wheel & Tyre Assembly, 16 Ply.

Elevate your agricultural and industrial operations with the 400/60-15.5 Flotation Wheel & Tyre Assembly, a powerhouse combination engineered for exceptional performance. This 16-ply assembly boasts unrivaled strength and dependability, making it an indispensable asset for heavy-duty applications. Designed with precision and built to last, this assembly features a 6-stud 205 PCD rim with a 161mm center and is capable of handling a remarkable max load of up to 3075kg per tyre at a maximum speed of 40Km/h. With an overall diameter of 875mm and a sturdy tyre size of 400/60-15.5, this assembly stands tall to conquer any terrain and task.


  • Superior Strength and Durability: With an impressive 16-ply construction, this Flotation Wheel & Tyre Assembly is engineered to withstand the most demanding agricultural and industrial applications, ensuring unwavering performance under immense pressure.
  • Precise 6-Stud 205 PCD Rim: The assembly's 6-stud 205 PCD rim is designed for impeccable fitment and alignment, providing a secure and stable connection, enabling seamless workflow and enhanced safety.
  • High Load Capacity: Capable of supporting a maximum load of up to 3075kg per tyre at speeds up to 40Km/h, this assembly enables you to handle heavy loads and complete tasks efficiently.
  • Optimal Overall Diameter: With an overall diameter of 875mm, this assembly offers excellent ground clearance, allowing you to navigate rough terrains with ease and maintain peak productivity.
  • Robust Tyre Size (400/60-15.5): The sturdy tyre size of 400/60-15.5 ensures exceptional traction and stability, making it ideal for various agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Reliable Profile (60): The reliable profile of 60 ensures a balance of comfort and performance, reducing the impact on rough surfaces while maximizing productivity.


  • Tyre Size: 400/60-15.5
  • Width: 400mm
  • Profile: 60
  • Rim Diameter: 15.5
  • Stud Count: 6 studs
  • PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) Rim: 205mm
  • Centre Hole Diameter: 161mm
  • Load Capacity: Up to 3075kg per tyre
  • Maximum Speed: 40Km/h
  • Overall Diameter: 875mm


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