1500KG Bradley Hitch - Spring Damper
Upgrade your towing experience with the Bradley D30 Spring Damped Hitch, a premium spring-braked overrun cast steel coupling. Designed for optimal performance and safety, this hitch variant features a 4-bolt configuration and a sturdy 50mm ball head, offering reliability and convenience for all your towing needs.
£ 176.40 176.4 GBP
3T 80mm Box Hitch
- To suit 80mm - 100mm square box section.

- 3000kg drawbar coupling with hitch lock 80 x 80 / 100 x 10

- Suitable for towing weights from 1600kg to 3000kg, max Nose weight 75kg.

Knott KRV Pressed Steel Pole features:

– Knott Avonride fit all their couplings with a breakaway cable,

– Designed for use with auto reverse brakes,

– Fitted with a pressed steel coupling head,

– Hydraulically dampened energy store therefore making operation of the handbrake a lot smoother,

– 4 Mounting holes in the steel giving a choice of rear mounts
£ 436.80 436.8 GBP
45mm Knott Drawtube
Genuine Knott avonride drawbar tube to fit;

- Coupling KFG13 with 45mm drawtube

- Coupling KFG20 with 45mm drawtube

45mm tube

Length 400mm long

With 2 bolt holes 40mm apart.
£ 65.52 65.52 GBP
48mm Jockey Wheel Clamp Pressed steel
- 48mm Diameter Jockey Wheel Clamp!
- Zinc Plated to protect against rust and corrosion!
- To suit any 48mm Jockey Wheel or Prop Stand
£ 5.04 5.04 GBP
50mm Knott Drawtube
Genuine knott drawbar tube to fit  knott 150v  coupling with 50mm drawtube

50mm tube 420mm long with 2 M12 bolt holes 50mm apart.

Side wall thickness of drawtube 4mm
£ 92.40 92.4 GBP
60mm Knott Drawtube
Knott/Avonride drawtube for 3500kg couplings, 60mm diameter. M14 fixing holes.

Fits couplings: KFG35, KRV35 & KFGL35
£ 92.40 92.4 GBP
Bradley 2 Bolt Auto Head Hitch-1200KG
- Bradley unbraked hitch

- Variant: 2 bolt

- Ball head: 50mm

- Maximum towing capacity: 1200kg
£ 49.56 49.56 GBP
Bradley 2.7T Hitch Head – KIT266 (includes Bellow)
3.5T - Knott hitch head - Bradley -2.7T hitch head - Kit 266- includes bellow.
£ 109.20 109.2 GBP
Bradley 2750kg Coupling
- Capacity: 1050-2750kg

- Lockable Head (Lock Sold Separately)

- Built in Jockey Wheel Clamp (42mm Diameter)

- Auto Reverse
£ 310.80 310.8 GBP
Bradley 3.5T Hitch Head – KIT2030 (includes Bellow)
Bradley - 3.5T - Hitch head - Kit - 2030 - Includes bellow.
£ 112.56 112.56 GBP
Bradley 3500kg Hitch/Coupling
- Cast delta coupling with a weight capacity of 2220-3500 kg
- Features Auto-Reverse function to make manoeuvring easier.
- 50mm Head
- 48mm Jockey Wheel Clamp
£ 361.20 361.2 GBP
Bradley Hand & Pad Kit3350 2T
Bradley kit 3350 pad and handle 2T

- This pad and handle fits Bradley HU3L, HU3H, HU4 AND HU5 couplings.

- Overall length including thread 200 mm

- The handle is 1/2″ thread
£ 11.34 11.34 GBP
Bradley Handbrake
Bradley Handbrake Spring Assembly Kit 3259

- Steel

- Energy Store / spring assembly for coupling models ; HU3HE, HU8HE, HU12 & HU14

- The body of the energy store is 235 mm long

- The mounting post is 60 mm from the hook end
£ 71.40 71.4 GBP
Bradley Handle & Pad HU12 – KIT3349
- Designed for use with all Bradley couplings that take a 48mm jockey wheel including; Hydratow Range

- HU12 3500kg 
- The handle is screwed into the side of the coupling’s casting.

- The Pad is inserted to spread the load and to also grip the jockey wheel. 

- Handle diameter – 5/8″

- Overall length of threaded section – 115mm

- Overall length of no threaded section – 105mm
£ 11.34 11.34 GBP
Bradley Handle & Pad Kit3354 2.7T
Bradley kit 3354 pad and handle.

- This pad and handle fits Bradley couplings up to 2750kg.

- The handle has a 5/8" thread.

- Overall length including thread is 240mm.

- The pad is made from 6mm mild steel plate and is 28mm wide and 30mm long.
£ 13.02 13.02 GBP
Bradley Hitch Lock
This will fit all Bradley Couplings which have the push in keyhole in the side
£ 14.28 14.280000000000001 GBP
IW Jockey Wheel Serrated
- Ifor Williams

- 48mm 

- Serrated Jockey Wheel 

£ 134.40 134.4 GBP
Jockey Wheel 48mm inc clamp
48mm Jockey Wheel with Clamp

This is the highest quality jockey wheel at this price point.

Suitable for trailers up to a 2600kg gross weight capacity.
4mm thick metal shaft and 5mm thick metal wheel arm.
Nose load capacity of 150kg.
200 x 45mm steel wheel with solid rubber tyre.
£ 24.36 24.36 GBP
KNOTT 2.7T Hitch Head
Knott - 2.7T - Hitch head
£ 72.24 72.24 GBP
Knott 2T Cast Hitch
This listing is for a genuine Knott coupling with heavy duty cast hitch head.

- Cast hitch head includes integral lock. Will lock the trailer of the tow vehicle to prevent unauthorised coupling

- KRV20 Model as fitted to many lighting towers, boat trailers etc.

- For trailers with a gross weight of 1100kg to 2000kg.

- Suitable for fitting to a 80mm square box section drawbar.

- Suitable for standard 50mm tow balls.

- Supplied with handle, pad and clamp to fit a 48mm Jockey Wheel. (recommended jockey wheel ribbed or serrated)

- Supplied ready to fit, no assembly required. Includes secondary coupling cable and guide (pre-fitted).

- Suitable for auto-reverse brake systems.
£ 277.20 277.2 GBP